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We operate throughout the year but we are only able to fly in favourable weather: rainless, the visibility to be at least 5 km and  the wind to be less than 4 m/sec. Morning flights take place no later than 2 hours after the sunrise. Evening flights take place in the last 2 hours before the sunset. We aim to fly for roughly one hour following preparations of about 30 minutes. There is no age limit, however the children must be accompanied by an adult.

Flying Area

The flight is taking place, mainly, in the vicinity of the picturesque area of Konopiště Castle which is situated 40 km south of Prague. To get there from Prague, take highway D1 and then the E 55, south to Č. Budějovice. If the flight is booked for a single group then a selection of other possible launching sites, which may be more convenient, are available. Please make a request when booking.

Usual Rendez-vous Point

On the field area, opposite the Peugot Garage, 150m on the left side, after the Konopiště Castle exit from Benešov motorway.
Map here


  • Monday - Friday (except holidays)......... 4.000,- CZK+21% VAT (4.840,-)
  • Weekends.............................................. 4.417,- CZK+21% VAT (5.345,-)
  • Children up to 12 years.......................... 50% reduction
  • Group of 7 people.................................. 5 % discount

      Rate of exchange ČSOB

The price includes

  • insurance of passengers and their personal belongings
  • transportation by our chase vehicle back from the landing site to the launching site
  • flight certificate inscribed with the passenger`s name and signed by the pilot
  • toast with champagne
  • tickets are valid for one year

Exclusive offer

  • experience the sunrise as seen from the balloon while floating over one of the scenic lakes around the city of Třeboň or an aerial view of the popular Czech Paradise (Česky Raj)
  • we guarantee you a two-hours flight experience of a lifetime
  • on landing, we provide a picnic on the grass with delicious food and champagne
  • preparations for take-off are starting 30 minutes before dawn
  • total price: 42.000,- CZK + 21%VAT for six passengers

Additional information

We drift along with the wind. This varies in strength and changes direction at different heights, although we rarely exceed 500m. The basket is completely steady and provides a wonderful platform for taking photos. The pilot adjusts the height of the balloon by changing the temperature of the air inside it. Regular blasts from the powerful propane burner heat the air. Burn more and you go up, burn less and you come down. Simple! After landing and ceremonial toast of champagne, our chase vehicle will take you back to the launch field area.

The flights with our experienced pilots are absolutely safe and the actual lifts-off and landings are smooth, gentle, making you to feel more like in a luxurious elevator.

Not Just For You!

The hot air balloon flight could be a great surprise-present for someone you love or someone with addiction for flying. Also, for a special event as a wedding or a marriage proposal or the beginning of a honeymoon! Balloon flights could be wonderful surprise presents for birthdays and special occasions. We can even fly you away from your wedding!

How To Book

The tickets can be purchased by phone or e-mail. These must be paid in advance and will be, then, sent them to you by post. We do accept reservations but these must be paid for within 14 days before the flight. Tickets are also available in the lobby of the airport Bystřice u Benešova - at FAir company (located above the restaurant).

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Contact info

Moskevská 1548/92

101 00 - Praha 10

e-mail: ballooning@ballooning.cz 


gsm:   +420 739 484 852