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and might give you even more...

Ticket prices
Tickets from 4840,-
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Crystal Adventure: 185€/person

Private Crystal Adventure - for a group of maximum 5 people: 1.200€/flight

Exclusive Crystal Adventure - flight over Prague: 250€/person

The prices for children are:

- 3-12 years old have half price of an adult.


 The price includes:

- insurance of the passengers and their belongings;

- transportation from the hotel;

- refreshments before the flight;

- balloon flight (aproximately 1 hour);

- flight certificate; 

- ceremony with sparkling wine;

- return transportation to the hotel. 


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Contact info

Moskevská 1548/92

101 00 - Praha 10

e-mail: ballooning@ballooning.cz 


gsm:   +420 739 484 852