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Expedition Aqua Terra-Tanzania

Our great primacy in sphere ballooning is Aqua Terra Expedition.There  was chosen as the only one balloons pilot from  whole Czechoslovakia, Jiří Vokál. The expedition took place in Tanzania in 1988 and a hot air balloon had here its historic debut..

First private air company -1990

Our company – at that time still Prag tourist Ballooning, (stockcompany), was the first Czech-based private air company not only after 1989 but also after the Second World War.

Flight over the Alps 1992

One of the other successes was flight over the Alps in Switzerland in 1992, where flew the first Czech balloon! George Vokál here achieved his personal altitude record 7000 meters above sea level.

Flight at the north polar 1996

At the international balloon fiesta in Kemi (Finland) Czech crew leaded by George Vokal, as only one of the Eastern bloc,  managed three beautiful flights near the north polar.

New Mexico 2002

This year we were the only ones represented the Czech Republic at Flight of Nations in New Mexico

Chile 2005

Here we are the only ones from the Czech Republic represented our country at the international balloon fiesta.

Saudi Arabia 2008

The first on the whole in the history of Saudi Arabia took place here (at the invitation of Sheik), free ballooning represented by crews from different countries. Our pilot George Vokál was here with his crew as only one of the Czech Republic. These were very difficult flights very near the sea, without possibilty to use maps and weather forecast.. All we have successful managed. :-)

 Our first flights in Qatar  - January 2011

 Flying in Qatar was created completely by chance, when the organization of the World Cup,( to be held in 2022), the Australian manager looking for a company that would in a very short period of time to ensure 5 balloons for advertising this championship. She founds in the search company Kubicek balloons - our partner and in a very short time - from 22.12. 2010 to January 4, 2011 we managed as the only in the world and to handle all this organized. In cooperation with the Slovak colleagues, we got hold 5 balloons in the desired colors. It was a yellow (USA), violet (Australia) other red, green and blue were from the Czech Republic. The continuous cooperation and communication of all the participating were carried over the flights over Doha (capital of Qatar).

 Photos from Qatar you can see in the Gallery.

 The first of flights you can see at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2sS0tN98ns&feature=youtu.be


 The other flight you can see at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkI93FTp4dohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkI93FTp4do 

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