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The human desire for flyin was since from our beginnings. People always wanted to float in the air and to be free as the birds are.

The human dream of flying fulfilled by the brothers Jacques Etienne and Joseph Michel Montgolfier from French provincial town Annonay. Both brothers had work systematically with the issue of flying since the year of 1771. After 11 years of studying the physical properties of gas and air, they realized, in 1782, a number of series of experiments and tests that culminated in constructing of the montgolfiér - hot air balloon.

Both brothers were managing a family paper mills in Annonay. Josephs made his first aerial experiments with parachutes, then, both began to experiment the properties of various gases.

First montgolfier flew on June 5, 1783  in the town of Annonay in front of the local assemble of Vivarais and a big curious crowd. The brothers prepared  their second balloon for take off in Paris, but it was destroyed by the storm on September 12. Already on September 19, 1783 they had a new balloon. The first passengers were not people, but a ram, a duck and a rooster. They should find out if the living organism can survive on a trip into the clouds.Anyway, the flight was quite successful, if we forget that the ram was scared in the air and kicked the roosters over the basket. After two-kilometers flight over Versailles, the hot air balloon landed with the fearful ram traveler. 

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