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The hot air balloon is moving very quietly in the heights from 1 till 500 meters. We are flying with the wind, which has various direction in different heights. Pilot controls the balloon by warming the air inside the envelop and so he changes the height of the flight according to the air layers, taking different direction given by the wind.  

After landing and handing over the certificate, you will be tranferred by our company´s vehicle back to the starting place. Advisable clothes: we recommend outdoor clothing, depending on the current temperature, and comfortable shoes. A hat or a cap is, also, suggested.

Balloon flight can be an original gift for a dear one or for someone who likes to fly. Could be the end of your wedding, at dawn, or the beginning of your honeymoon.

Flying with our experienced pilots is completely safe.

The age limit is not particularly limited, however the children must be accompanied by an adult.

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