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Is the flight safe?
Yes, ballooning is one of the safest means of transports or sports. Furthermore, we always put a strong focus on a professional attitude and passenger safety, i.e. you will be in the hands of very experienced professional pilots.

When can I fly?

We are flying in the favorable weather: rainless, good visibility and limitation of wind speed. Morning flights must take place no lather then two hours after sunrise and evening flights no later than two hours before sunset. Flights over the day are not possible because of turbulences caused by the heated atmosphere.

Flights over the Prague city are not possible.

Where can I buy the ticket?

You can buy your flight ticket from our selling office at F-Air company with the headquarter in Bystřice u Benešova Airport

tel: +420 777 623 033, +420 606 623 610, +420 317 793 820. The office is situated upstairs of the restaurant "Na letišti"

The ticket could also be purchased online or ordered by phone: +420 603 337 005

Reservations must be made witihn 14 days in advance, including payment by bank or cash

May I give the ticket to anyone as a present?

Our tickets are already gift-wrapped, i.e.they are designed as gifts.


Do you fly with children?

Yes, children under 12 are allowed to fly and they will pay half price. The minimum recommended age is 4 years, however is depending of each child. Children under 15 must be accopanied by an adult.


How long does the flight take?
The flight itself takes approximately 1 hour, but the total time allocated to this activity must be 3 hours.

How fast does the balloon fly?
The balloon flies at the speed of the surrounding air, according to the wind speed and direction.

What should I wear?

We recommend outdoors clothing, depending on the current temperature, and comfortable shoes. During the flight is the temperature not lower, approximately bout 2-3° C.But it is warm from the flame.


How many persons fit in the basket?

We are flying with different capacity of the basket where could fit from 2 up to 12 people.




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