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Tickets can be purchased at Benešov Airport - Bystřice. Opening hours: upon telephonic agreement with F-Air.CZ, tel:+420 777 623 033, +420 606 623 610, +420 317 793 820 or in Bemoair - tel:+420 604 842 624 Mr. Nováček


If you will buy a flight ticket via Internet, please, fill in this form. Please, pay the total amount on our bank account number. If you want an invoice, please mark the "Send me an invoice" choice. As a purpose (an identification) of your payment, please use the number of your purchase, which will be genererated by the system after sending your order, or the number of the invoice. The payments in foreign currencies will be converted to czech crowns automatically. After receiving your payment, we will send you, by post, your ticket. In case that the date of the flight will be planned within three weeks (or one week, if sending the ticket within the Czech Republic territory), we will contact you by phone and we will bring your ticket directly to the starting place area.

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