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Your position:Ballooning competitions and meetings

Wins in competitions and participation in balloon meetings


pilot: George Vokál


First places:

1984 - International competition Montgolfieres about a cup of the town Tábor


1986 - International Competition gas balloons for the Challenge Cup Františka Hůlky and Ferdinanda Wandase (Tábor)


2 to 3 place:


1985-2005 in Poland, Hungary and Switzerland


Balloon Fiesta


International Balloon meetings such as Saudi Arabia, Quatar, the United Arab Emirates, Finland above the Arctic Circle, in Albuquerque New Mexico USA ..




2002 - Certificate of Appreciation International Pilot


Personal altitude record:


7000 m above sea level in the Alps – flights over the Alps


Flight callendar

Contact info

Moskevská 1548/92

101 00 - Praha 10

e-mail: ballooning@ballooning.cz 


gsm:   +420 739 484 852