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Balloons provide the perfect aerial canvas. They catch people`s eye like no other form of advertising. We can tailor a package to suit your needs and to present your product in an unique way. This can range from a simple banner on the side of a balloon to a specially banner made to carry your company logo. Even special design in the shape of your product is possible.

We can create banners to your specification. These can provide a display area of up to 100 square metres. Manufacturing costs could be in a range from 20 up to 40 € per square meter depending on the complexity of the artwork. Rates for flying time are then based on the size of the artwork and the number and location of required flights.

For bigger companies, we offer a comprehensive package of manufacture and operation. We can design and built a balloon to your precise requirements, to be in a special or unconventional shape. The flight series and the locations are decided by you in order to obtain the maximum exposure of your product.

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