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It was in 1981 when 21 years old George Vokál started to fly in a hot air balloon, owned by Svazarm Organization (a military organization), whose member was since 1978. From 1983, he was flying as an instructor and, in 1990, was named as Inspector for Civil Aviation Authority.

In 1990, George Vokál succeeded to establish the first hot air balloon company - Prag Tourist Ballooning. It is the first private aerial company, established on Czech Republic territory after the 2nd World War.

Between 1996-2003 the balloon of the company is flying under the name JV Ballooning, Ltd, due to the changes inside the company organization.

Since 2003, the company changed the name on Ballooning.cz, with George Vokál as sole owner and managing director.

George has a great experience not only in Czech Republic, but also abroad, even in really difficult and extreme conditions.

In 1988 he participated to the Aqua Terra expedition in Tanzania. It was the first time when a hot air balloon was flying over Tanzanian lands.

He flew over the Alps, he managed several successful starts near the Arctic Circle, he attended flights in New Mexico, Chile and Saudi Arabia.

During his professional journey, he took several prizes in international hot air balloon flying competitions. He has over 1500 hours of flight.

Flying is for him not only a living, but also a great hobby and pleasure!

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